When the idea behind weight training and body building is to increase muscle mass, you need to know the kinds of exercises necessary to increase muscle mass without straining or spraining everything.   The proper weight training involves using heavy weights in a free weight program, some machine work and high intensity training over a shorter period of time.  Basically, you lift as much weight as you can to finish the set and then go on to another muscle set. You use your leg, arm and core muscles to increase muscle mass.

Some people believe that doing low weights and increasing the reps will just tone muscle and won’t increase muscle mass. The truth is that low weights and high reps are ineffective tools when it comes to increasing the muscle mass so you shouldn’t be doing this at all.  You won’t increase muscle mass and you really won’t tone muscles either.

Instead, you should lift as much weight as can be done for ten repetitions or one set.  Your muscles should be fatigued after that.  When in doubt, consider seeing a weight trainer to tell you how much weight you should lift in order to increase muscle mass and not injure yourself.  There are compound muscle exercises you can do that increase muscle mass of several muscle groups at once.

Your post workout nutrition should also be taken into account when thinking of how to increase muscle mass.  Consider drinking a whey protein powder drink that also has dextrin or maltodextrin for sweetening in them.  These provide the building blocks you need to increase muscle mass.  You should think about drinking one shake half an hour after your work out when your body is trying to increase muscle mass the most.  This also stops the process of muscle breakdown that can occur if you don’t have the buildup products for increasing your muscle mass.

Remember, of course, that the ability to increase muscle mass depends upon the testosterone level in your body.  Men naturally increase muscle mass more because they carry enough testosterone to build muscle mass.  You should not do anything, like drink alcohol, which will reduce your testosterone level.

You will increase muscle mass if you have more mitochondria in your body.  Muscle has more mitochondria so that when you have muscle, you build even more muscle because you have mitochondria in your body.  The mitochondria will burn calories and fat in your body so that the fat leaves and you increase muscle mass.

It takes intense resistance training and bodybuilding to increase muscle mass. This also involves altering your nutrition so that you increase muscle mass by increasing the protein in your diet and reducing the fat in your diet.  Long term results are actually possible if you follow these instructions and work out on a daily or every other day basis.  You can increase muscle mass only by pushing your muscles to the limit and taking the time to use proper form and technique.

The degree to which you lose fat and increase muscle mass depends on your metabolic rate, which is a direct balance of the workout you do and the food you eat.