If you want to know the fastest way to gain muscle, you need to read this article and follow it carefully.  If you are interested in using bodybuilding to get this way, you’re on the right track because it is only through intensive bodybuilding and the eating of the proper foods that go with it that you can be sure of the fastest way to gain muscle mass.

It begins by making the commitment of time in order to work out as many as three to five hours a day.  Now, working out that many hours a day isn’t necessary to gain muscle mass.  Working out smartly is more important than the time you spend at the gym.  This means that you learn the bodybuilding techniques that work the best and use the most muscles in the process.

You also need to maximize your technique so that you are using your muscles to the fullest.  For example, in the dead lift, do you do it straight legged or do you squat behind the bar?  Experts say that if you squat behind the bar, you are using your quadriceps muscles better and you’ll have uncovered the fastest way to gain muscle mass.  If you do it straight-legged, on the other hand, you can break heavier weight of the floor but you put extra stress on your back.  You shouldn’t use this technique if your back and stomach are not already strong.

You need to give your muscles a chance to rest.  While it may seem like a good idea to work out twice per day in order to have the fastest way to gain muscle, it actually can work against itself to do that.  You can begin to break down muscle from overtraining.  Sometimes, you need to rest your muscles up to an entire day before going back to bodybuilding.  It all depends on how strong your muscles are to begin with, how strong is your workout and your own pain tolerance.  If you normally rest your muscles for a single day between work outs but do an especially wicked workout on one day, you may find out that you’ll need to rest an additional day on that round so that your muscles are strong enough to work out without pain or inflammation.

You will also need to eat a proper diet in order to have the fastest way to gain muscle mass.  Your muscle uses protein as its basic building block so you should have a great deal of protein in your diet.  You also need to eat calories enough to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.  It only works to gain muscle mass if you both eat enough protein/calories and work out at the same time.  Eating without working out will only cause you to gain extra fat.  Your diet should be higher than about 2500 calories per day, increasing the number of calories above that depending on how much you work out.

Your diet should also have a balanced amount of carbohydrates and healthy fats as well.  Healthy fats contain omega 3 fatty acids and are found in fatty cold water oceanic fish.  Protein, however, should be the focal point any diet that participates in the fastest way to gain muscle.